Arsuf lasers EXPERIENCE

When coming to sourcing a  Er,Cr: YSGG rod there IS ONE parameter to be considered carefully and this is the quality of the ROD coating.
The doping used for dental equipment IS 30%Er, 2%Cr and it is proven material for dentidtry.
However, the energy level density is quite a challenge especially for the PR side.
We have experience with hard coating that exceeds the requirements and prevent failures.

Our rod manufacture is an end-to-end solution.

That means we grow Er,Cr:YSGG crystal boules according to the customer’s specs.
we guarantee consistency, fast delivery, and stock material enabling us to offer stable and competitive pricing.
A high level of polishing and our hard coating process complete the production circle.
Arsuf lasers also provide engineering support and failure analysis free if needed.
Fill in the contact form and let us know about your needs.