Er Glass Rods

Er Glass Rods

Er,Yb:Glass Er,Yb,Cr:Glass

When coming to source an Erbium glass laser rod for your LRF  application  there are a few factors to consider. 
unlike the crystal  rods the erbium doped glass shows great sensitivity to heat or cold, making it hard to achieve hi level polish accuracy especially repeatedly. 
It is very hygroscopic effecting the coating final look and long life endurance. 
Arsuf lasers masters the erbium rod manufacturing and we provide also a process of hardening that extends the operation range with no thermal lensing.  
Standard erbium glass in the market suites applications with repetition rates 1-6Hz max 
however our material can suite 20Hz and more. 
LDT above 10J/CM2 (10Hz 10ns) for glass rods is also a though challenge and we have external  lab results of 50j and more.
High level of polishing and our hard coating process complete the production cycle.
Arsuf lasers also provides engineering support and failure analysis free if needed.
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Er, Cr,Yb phosphate glass

Erbium glassis a type of optical fiber amplifier that is used to amplify signals in optical communication systems.
 It is made from silica glass that has been doped with the rare earth element erbium. 
The erbium ions absorb light at a specific wavelength (1550 nm) and then re-emit it at a higher energy level,
 which amplifies the signal.
Er,Yb:Glass rods are Erbium and ytterbium co-doped phosphate glass 
that is pumped  with 1540 nm laser diodes while for flashlamp pumped lasers Er,Yb,Cr:Glas is being used. 
The 1st one is the best material for eye-safe and therefore used for any LRF application. 
The 2nd one is used in dermatology systems.
the light output energy is from millijoule to joule level.  
Er3+, Yb3+ and Cr3+  doped phosphate glass laser provides a coherent source  in the spectral range near 1.5 μm, which is relatively safe for the human eye and is convenient in many applications, such as Lidar and range measurements,  and laser surgery

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