CTH YAG crystal

CTH YAG crystal

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When coming to sourcing a CTH: YAG laser rod for your eye-safe 2.1um application there is one major parameter to consider.
there is a great variation in slope efficiency offered by various vendors. arsuf lasers developed a process that requires indeed much more care and investment, however, yields around 30% higher efficiency.
This counts much for medical systems using this rod.
A high level of polishing and our hard coating process complete the production cycle.
Arsuf lasers also provide engineering support and failure analysis free if needed.
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CTH:YAG crystal,2100nm crystal

Cr:Tm:Ho: YAG is a high efficient laser crystal pumped by a Xenon lamp or diode with a wavelength of 2.1μm. the pump source originates from the flashlamp energy absorbed by Cr3+, Ho3+ is a working ion and Tm3+ acts as an intermediary to transfer energy. 2.1 μm laser wave can be absorbed by water very well, transmits atmosphere easily, and is safe to eye.

It is commonly used as a laser medium in medical procedures, particularly in urology and ophthalmology, as it emits light at a wavelength of 2140 nm which is absorbed by water, making it highly effective for cutting and vaporizing tissue. It can also be used for other applications such as material processing and spectroscopy.

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