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When coming to sourcing a Co2 spinel passive Q-switch for your eye-safe 1.54um Glass(Er) laser rod there are a few parameters to consider, first, is the optical quality derived from uniform Co distribution and high absorption crystal then good polish complying with the transmission value that is a function of the switch thickness and the last one hi LDT hard coating that can cope with high power density in the laser cavity.
Arsuf lasers spinel crystal is a top-level crystal.
A high level of polishing and our hard coating process complete the production cycle.
Arsuf lasers also provide engineering support and failure analysis free if needed.
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Co:Spinel ( Co2+:MgAl2O4) Crystal (known also as Co:MALO)

Co2+MgAlO4, also known as spinel dopes with Cobalt and is an ideal mineral,passive Q-switch, for lasers emitting at 1.2~1.6 um, in particular, for eye-safe 1.54 um Er: glass lasers. A Q-switch, also known as a mode-locked laser, is a device that is used to create very short, intense pulses of light.
Spinel is used as a Q-switch because it has a large electro-optic coefficient and can change its refractive index quickly in response to an electric field.
This makes it well-suited for use in laser systems that require very short pulses of high-energy light.
The excellent optical, mechanical, and thermal properties of the crystal give an opportunity to design compact and reliable laser sources with this passive Q-switch.
It is widely used in eye-safe  Er:Glass lasers, (1.54µm) as showing low optical losses.

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